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Success in the dynamic pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry today demands quality, competency, technology and cost-effectiveness like no other industry.  Taking advantage of your window of opportunity depends on how effectively and efficiently you bring your product to a highly competitive marketplace.  It requires smart decisions about using your resources to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


Your decision to take advantage of the depth and breadth of QVM’s expertise gives you access to our unique collective experience, helping you get it right the first time…the next time…every time.

QVM Services has been providing Commissioning, Qualification and Validation Services to the Pharmaceutical, Bio, Medical Device and Food Industries since 1993.  Our success is linked to the success and quality of our clients’ projects.  By applying sound and proven project management and commissioning principles at the concept and beginning phases of a project, the expectations and goals of the CQV effort are carefully defined and successfully achieved during the design, construction, start-up, and the subsequent comissioning and qualification and validation phases.
James Begani
Founder and Principal

Jm has been working in GMP related industries for over 30 years with knowledge and experience in chemical and biological based APIs, sterile and non-sterile dosage forms, medical devices, and food/nutraceuticals.


Jim brings the technical knowledge and experience, the key project management and planning aspects, and hands-on CQV skills and services to the various projects at QVM Services, as well as the business development and marketing for the organization.

He is active in Scouting as a Scout Leader and in his Church as a Lector and Eucharistic Minister.  


James Begani, Principal / President

QVM Services

(816)891-6617 Office

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