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QVM Services has provided equipment, facility and utility testing, verification, commissioning and qualification services for over 20 years.  Projects have ranged from the stand alone new equipment installation to facility renovations to multi-million dollar new facility construction.
QVM prepares the testing documents and protocols.  QVM is "hands-on", executing test documents and witnessing critical start-up functions, recording the findings, and assisting and directing anhy issues resolutions required.  With QVM, you get the know-how and experience to complete the task, not just a set of hands.

Food Processing

Utility Testing and Verification

  • Environmental Monitoring and Testing

  • Clean Room 

  • Clean Compressed Air Sampling Testing - ISO 8573

  • Culinary Steam Sampling and Testing

Equipment and Process Testing

  • Equipment Installarion and Operational Testing/Verification

  • Controlled Storage/Warehouse Temperature Mapping

  • Process Verification including

    • Packaging Lines and Package Integrity

    • Cleaning Process Development and Testing

Pharmaceutical / Biopharma


  • Installation & Mechanical Competion

  • Functional and Integrated Testing

  • Training Program Defintion and Management

  • Cycle/Process Development and Verification


Equipment and Process Qualifcation

  • Equipment Installarion and Operational Qualification

  • Performance Qualification and Process Validation

    • Packaging Lines and Package Integrity

    • Cleaning Process Validation

    • Sterilzation Validation


Steam Sterilization Cycle Development and Validation

HVAC Equipment Commissioning

Controlled and Critical Environmental Testing & Qualification

Critical (Product Contact) Utility Purity Sampling and Testing

BioProcessing Equipment Qualification

Packaging Lines

Aseptic Filling Areas and Equipment


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